Adopt a Revolution

In 2011, tens of thousands of Syrians took to the streets in peaceful protest against the dictatorship of Bashar al Assad in a demand for dignity, freedom and justice. As a response, German and Syrian activists founded Adopt a Revolution in 2012 to support the young Syrian democracy movement and draw attention to its brutal oppression. The peaceful uprising against the Assad regime turned into a civil war, which has developed into an international war fueled by arms supplies and military interventions of many actors. Adopt a Revolution supports civil society projects in Syria that, despite war and terror, work for an open, democratic society based on human rights and minority rights at the local level.
Headquarter of about:change e.V., the supporting association of the project Adopt a Revolution: Klingenstra├če 22, 04229 Leipzig
In Berlin, the associates of Adopt a Revolution work in several coworking-spaces, e.g. in Rudower Chaussee