Former Borsigwerke

Borsig was founded in 1837, as a company specializing in steam generators, and is still active in this field today. Following the global financial crash of 1929, Borsig declared insolvency and was consequently bought out in 1935 by the state-owned company Rheinmetall.1 From then until the end of Second World War, Rheinmetall-Borsig developed and produced weapons and ammunition for the Reichkriegsministerium [German Ministry of War] and thereby played an important role in the rearmament of the country.2 As the war progressed, the National Socialist state demanded that the industry should make ever-greater efforts to increase arms production. In consequence, the weapons and range of armory produced by Borsig-Rheinmetall – which specialized in different types of guns, cannons, and mine launchers—were continually improved and expanded.3 In order to keep up production, more than 5600 forced laborers were put to work at the factory.4 After the end of the war, most of the plant was either destroyed or dismantled by the Red Army.5
Address: Am Borsigturm, 13507 Berlin

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