Despite the decline of Daimler’s armaments sector in recent years, the company still draws criticism, because of its continuous deliveries of Mercedes military Unimogs (Universal-Motor-Gerät, namely multi-purpose, all-wheel drive trucks) to countries such as Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. 1 The company thus supplies armory to dictatorial regimes. 2 Until 2013, Daimler was a main stockholder in EADS (Airbus), 3 which is one of the world’s largest armaments manufacturers, producing e.g. military aircrafts and missiles. 4

Daimler was founded as an automobile and truck maker in 1926, following the merger of Daimler Motorengesellschaft and Benz & Cie. 5 From 1937 the company moved increasingly into producing armaments, such as military trucks and aircraft motors. Up until and during WWII, this sector accounted for an ever-growing proportion of the company’s revenues, as a result of German rearmament. 6 During the last years of the war, Daimler, (like e.g. Borsig-Rheinmetall and Henschel & Sohn), kept up production by using forced laborers, who from 1944 made up 50 percent of the company’s workforce. 7

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