Diehl Stiftung & Co. Office Berlin

Diehl Defence is one of the German arms manufacturers which between 2015 and 2017 have been exporting armaments to the members of the Saudi-led coalition.1 In Diehl’s case, weapons were sold to Egypt, which together with e.g. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates belongs among the top five weapon importing countries worldwide in 2018.2 All of these countries are involved in the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.3 In spite of this, the German Bundessicherheitsrat has since the beginning of the conflict authorized arms export deals with the involved parties totalling 4.6 billion Euro.4
Diehl, which was founded in 1900, expanded at the start of First World War as a consequence of the change from producing consumables to casting brass rods used in the ammunition production5, and was a supplier for the armament manufacturers MAN and Krupp.6 During Second World War, through the use of forced labor they were able to expand production to meet the high demands for armaments, a use which the company only in 1997 addressed.7
With an income of 2.8 billion Euro in 2012, Diehl counts as one of the most important armament producers in Germany. The division of the company, Diehl Defence, is specialized in the development and production of guided missiles, ammunition, protective and reconnaissance systems, as well as the equipping, repair, and modernization of military vehicles.8
Diehl is still today a family run company, which in Berlin is represented in the form of a foundation at Pariser Platz in convenient proximity to the Bundestag.
Address: Pariser Platz 6a, 10117 Berlin

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