Global Net – Stop the Arms Trade

Following the terror attacks of 9/11 and the resulting loss of hope in the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the initiative Global Net – Stop The Arms Trade (GN-STAT) was founded in 2018. This is a direct response to the end of the era of global disarmament and demilitarization. GN-STAT seeks to connect e.g. activists, journalists, authors, war photographers, film makers, doctors, and artists from all over the world. This way it wishes to inform about lethal cases of arms exports throughout the world (from WWI to the present). The initiative helps to give victims a voice. It aims at pointing out politicians, lobby groups, the arms industry, the military, and the banks that are, directly or indirectly, responsible for the continued export of weapons throughout the world. Furthermore, it offers assistance in the prosecution of cases of illegal arms trading and, if the need arises, pursues them independently.
Headquarter of Rüstungsinformationsbüro (RIB e.V.):
Stühlinger Straße 7, Postfach 5261, 79109 Freiburg
Office in Berlin: International Peace Bureau (IPB),
Marienstraße 19/20, 10117 Berlin