Miro Kaygalak »Dual-Use« II

This work deals with the use of products for civil as well as military purposes. Two posters show a labeled apple and play with its ›dual‹ use: while companies in Germany use laser-labeled fruit as an advertising vehicle for their products the apple has very different symbolic power in connection with events in northern Iraq in 1988. The poison gas used against Kurdish people by Saddam Hussein smelled of apples. This event is inscribed in the collective memory of the victims. The artist now juxtaposes one of the 5.000 victims names with the name of a company that was instrumental in the manufacture and delivery of equipment used in Iraq for the production of poison gas.
The work is shown in two parts as billboards behind the tracks of the U6 Metro Stations ‘Platz der Luftbrücke’ und ‘Paradestraße’.
Duration: 15 September until 31 December 2019
Location: U6 Ubahnstation Paradestraße